Tamil Dictionary definitions for Tea

Tea : தேநீர், தேயிலை, இலை வடி நீர்

Tea : இலை வடி நீர்,தேநீர்,தேநீர்,தேயிலை,இலை வடி நீர்,தேயிலை

Tea : தேநீர்

Tea definition


  1. The prepared leaves of a shrub, or small tree (Thea, / Camellia, Chinensis). The shrub is a native of China, but has been introduced to some extent into some other countries.
  2. A decoction or infusion of tea leaves in boiling water; as, tea is a common beverage.
  3. Any infusion or decoction, especially when made of the dried leaves of plants; as, sage tea; chamomile tea; catnip tea.
  4. The evening meal, at which tea is usually served; supper.

Intransitive verb. To take or drink tea.