Tamil Di

Tamildi.com is a web design company based on Sri Lanka serving across the world. We are concentrating mostly to design Tamil websites with highly experienced professional developers.

We are operating many web services to full fill of Tamil life style for Tamil users. Board web services are a social sharing platform of interesting things about our life style to Tamil users. Dictionary (Tamil Smart Dictionary) is providing meaning of English words in Tamil in online. Numerology service is based on astrology to know your life destiny. Lovology is an online love meter to know that how deep is your love.

Tamil(Di) is worthy experience that you ever feel in Tamil Web services.

Smart dictionary


online smart Tamil dictionary that provide English to Tamil and Tamil to English meanings with linguistic features. You can search more than 10,000+ words. We have designed it to people who translate one language to another language.

Tamil Board


Board is set up with capability of easy share things like inspirational quotes, Tips and other information in Tamil on social media. You can select your post on your favorite social media with well-designed photos. It can be use your social media strategy to catch more views in social media.



Numerology services provide astrological character of twelve zodiacs (Rasi) through your date of birth in Tamil. You can see about you through typing your date of birth and zodiac sign. In this service, you can know your luckiest things around you. Numerology based on your name is available here to see.



LOVOLOGY is a relationship calculator based on numerology and also describe about your relationship nature. This is very easy and interesting online algorithm to know your relationship. You have to type you and your partner’s date of birth detail, love meter will reveal about deep of your relationship.

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