Tamil Dictionary definitions for Knit

Knit : ஆடை பின்னு, இணை, தை, பின்னல்

Knit : ஆடை பின்னு,ஆடை பின்னு,இணை,தை,பின்னல்,இணை,தை,பின்னல்,பின்னு

Knit definition

Imperative. & Past Participle. of Knit

Transitive verb.

  1. To form into a knot, or into knots; to tie together, as cord; to fasten by tying.
  2. To form, as a textile fabric, by the interlacing of yarn or thread in a series of connected loops, by means of needles, either by hand or by machinery; as, to knit stockings.
  3. To join; to cause to grow together.
  4. To unite closely; to connect; to engage; as, hearts knit together in love.
  5. To draw together; to contract into wrinkles.

Intransitive verb.

  1. To form a fabric by interlacing yarn or thread; to weave by making knots or loops.
  2. To be united closely; to grow together; as, broken bones will in time knit and become sound.

Noun. Union knitting; texture.